In Vedic astrology most important parameter is “ birth time rectification “. Unfortunately this topic is not taught in astrology class or in institute. If birth time is not corrected using event time line then all predictions made could be wrong.! The good astrologer must ask native about some past events happened in his life with details to day , month & year. On basis of such past events he should correct birth time to the accuracy of few seconds. These events could be when the native had gone first time abroad or it could be his marriage date or may be date of first child birth etc. Such past unique events are important in making birth time rectification.

In order to understand why birth time rectification is important just see charts below. The native’s birth time is 21.08 hrs. Give attention to D9 chart. In D9 chart we have Sagittarius ascendant & Venus is in lagna sthana.

Now we will consider native’s birth time as 21.05 hrs. Let us check both these charts.

In above charts D1 – Janma lagna kundali remains same but now D9 – navmansha kundali has changed ?! Just 3 minutes of birth time difference can change the kundali. Now as you are aware that D9 chart is important in marriage date prediction & it tells about your spouse then small birth time mistake can mislead you & your astrologer. In above case D9 ascendant has changed from Sagittarius to Scorpio. Navmansha kunadli tells about native too so all predictions can go wrong if birth time is wrong. Normally the birth time known to us is the birth time told by our parents or from maternity home. Unless we check it as per astrology norms it is of no use.

D12 – chart deals with your parents. It is not necessary that a good astrologer has to do birth time rectification only using D1 & D9 chart. He can do it using D1 & D12 chart. For such rectification he may use your father’s date of demise or may be date on which father got promotion etc. Any past unique event in father’s life is okay for carrying out birth time rectification of your chart.!!


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