What is Vaastu? Vaastu Shastra is a complete science and hence health is also considered . when we talk about health ayurveda is generally spoken about. We have to see how the “Panchmahabhoot” – the five elements affect us and how should we build our homes to get maximum advantage.

Our body is made of 5 elements and hence “Panchmahabhoot” affect ou body and mind. We build houses to protect ourselves from sun, rain and wind. We are actually creating barriers for the elements by building houses. But with human intelligence we can design our house in a manner which allows proper utilization of these five elements (sky, wind, sun, earth & water.

Effects of “Panchmahabhoot” are seen because of “Satva”, “Raj” & “Tam” on human beings. Satva means Brain creativity, Raj means Body Activeness and Tam means Lethargy. It is essential that “Satva” increases, which is available in the Northeast direction. Hence if windows to the northeast direction are big in area they will increase the Satva. Early morning sunlight has Vitamin D and UV rays which also increase the Satva Gun. Hence it is preferable to have the temple or study in this direction.

We will also see why the master bedroom should be at the southwest direction. The west and the south walls have to face heat and rains. To reduce the effect the walls of this direction are supposed to be thick and the windows small in area. As heat and humidity increases “Tam”Gun increases, hence there is letharginess in this corner. Hence the master bedroom should be here to help in good sleep and rest after a long tiring day. Northwest direction has more “Raj” which means activeness. This is good for kids to play, study and exercise.

In ayurveda person’s health is dependent on “Wata”, “Pitta” & “Kafa”. The Panchmahabhoot defines the human health. Some people have a combination of “Wata”, “Pitta” & “Kafa”. Northeast has “Pitta”, while Northwest has “Wata”. When these are not balanced there is a occurrence of various ailments. Earlier houses used to have a central courtyard which used to balance “Wata”, “Pitta” & “Kafa”.

When mind is not balanced it affects our work and if body is not balanced it affects our physical well being. It is hence necessary to have a balanced mind and body too. “Vaastushashtra” helps to balance all energies for our physical and mental well being.

We should generally avoid Northwest or Northeast for bedrooms, but is it quite necessary that the kitchen should be at the Southeast.


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