The traditional kundali is drawn according to the planetary positions during the birth of a person. The positions are determined depending on the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. It is quite possible that people do not have information on all three of these factors. It is also quite possible that the information regarding place of birth or time of birth may be wrong. In the traditional method time and birth has great effect while drawing up the charts as there will 12 different charts drawn for one day with different fate and destiny. Any change in the time may change the position chart.

Generally everyone is aware of their or anyone else’s birth date. Hence numerology is very helpful in such cases as numerology is based mostly on date of birth. Numerological predictions are based on the concept of driver / conductor. The concept is explained below.

Driver - The single digit sum of your birth date is the driver

E.g. people born on 1, 10 (1+0), 19(1+9), 28(2+8) have driver 1. The driver is defined by the date of birth.

Conductor - The single digit sum of your entire birth date which includes birth month and birth year is called conductor.

E.g. person born on 2nd January 2014 will add up-to (2+1+7 =10=1)

Here the driver is 2 and conductor is 1.

The combination of driver conductor pair of an individual plays an important role in the destiny of that person. If the tuning of the driver conductor is good then it is a good sign else some measures have to be taken to nullify the ill effects.

In addition to birth date, your name also plays a important part in shaping your destiny. The charts which are drawn during the study of numerology gives importance to the name also. If the position of numbers is not good or some digits are missing in our chart it may create problem. Name change may be needed in this case to introduce the required number in your chart to strengthen the driver conductor combination. Examples – Yatin Khanna changed to Rajesh Khanna, Yusuf Khanna to Dilip Kumar gave them super stardom in Indian cinema.

Change in your name can definitely change your destiny. If you change your name you have to make use of it in maximum number of places.


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