Rudraksh is related to Lord “Shiva”. Rudraksha bead was originated from tears of Lord Shiva. Rudraksha beads fell down the earth when lord shiva opened his eyes after meditating after 1000years. Garland of Rudraksh is proven to give relief from many diseases. Rudraksha beads are available in 1 to 21 types;

One face Rudraksh-
Ek mukhi rudraksha is very rare & precious. It is available in both shape-Long (Cashew) & round. It is truly Divine Form of lord Shiva. It gives both Devotion & Deliverance. For the Sake of fulfilling all the wishes, Rudraksh is worn.
Two face Rudraksh -
It is known as Divine form of Shiva & Parvati, means half man’s face & half god face “Ardh Narishwer”. It increases man’s intelligence power, growth in business & gives relief from all sufferings. Spiritual growth & self awareness are also achieved.
Three face Rudraksh -
It represents the ‘Tri-face of lord Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh, gives Information about past present & future. It guide towards the right path of life. It makes a person active & gives physical energy.
Four face Rudraksh -
This four faces Rudraksh is known as “Divine form of lord Brahma. It is worn for getting salvation & for getting favorable result in religious work. It is very helpful in mental diseases. Gives spiritual knowledge & self awareness.
Five faces Rudraksh -
Five face Rudraksh is also known as “Panchanan roop of lord Shiva’’. It helps in achieving salvation & increases the sex-power of person.
Six face Rudraksh -
Known as “Shadanan Roop” of Kartikey, son of lord Shiva. It makes the person active & helps in getting good result from skin diseases, Heart Weakness & eyes diseases. It increases knowledge, Determination on self confidence.
Seven face Rudraksh -
Helpful in making a person respectful, famous, well known, intelligent & healthy.
Eight face Rudraksh -
Helpful in court cases. Keeps a person away from false statement and keeps away hurdles.
Nine Face Rudraksh -
Known as Divine form of goddess “Nav Durga”. Some intellectuals & says “Divine form of religion & faith “Dharam Raj”. Some take it as “Divine form of “Bharav”. It is full of Divine Vision.
Ten face Rudraksh -
It is said that ten incarnation of lord Vishnu resides in Ten face Rudraksh Fulfill all the wishes after keeping away the effects of evil spirits and calms all the planets.
Eleven face Rudraksh -
It increase the happiness, makes a person always victorious, famous & fortunate.
Twelve face Rudraksh -
This Rudraksh pleases the Lord Surya”.Special favorite of lord Surya very effective in all types of diseases. It warn in neck it destroys the sin of earn carnage murdering of person & stealing of gems. It also gives relief from poverty & fire.
Thirteen face Rudraksh -
Helpful in bringing the good luck. Increase the sex power & Fulfills all the wishes.
Fourteen face Rudraksh -
This is known as a Divine form of lord Hanuman. Keeps away the evil spirits. Makes a person Healthy & wise.
Fifteen face Rudraksh -
It is known as Divine form of Lord “Pashupathi Nath” It is wealth growth oriented & effective in skin diseases.
Sixteen face Rudraksh -
It is known as a victory sign of over Death. Defends against all sins & bad corners. It Provide Longevity.
Seventeen face Rudraksh -
Known as a Divine from of “Lord Vishnukarma”. It is the provider of wealth, Happiness & fulfillment of all wishes.
Eighteen face Rudraksh -
This is sign of “Earth” helps in improving the personality, increases the glow of skin and makes a man Healthy. Helpful in correcting this obstetrics problem.
Nineteen face Rudraksh -
Known as a Divine form of “Narayan”. It gives Financial growth by increasing the business.
Twenty face Rudraksh -
By wearing this Rudraksh one can increase the spiritual meditation power.
Twenty one face Rudraksh -
It is known to be a true Divine form of “Kuber” it gives all types of happiness & growth in wealth.
Gauri Shanker Rudraksh -
Rudraksh naturally joined known as Divine form of “Shiva & Parvati”. It provides wealth. Those who worship “Gauri-Shanker Rudraksh, never face any shortages of any type.


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