Feng Shui

Feng-Shui is Chinese Vaastushashtra. Feng in Chinese means Wind and Shui means water. If we notice the clouds, they have water in them and they flow with the wind. According to old Chinese principles these clouds are the connection between earth and heaven. Hence the change in the climate of heaven causes changes in our lives. Water is life. Every living being on earth need water to survive. Evaporation of water takes place, wind takes water from one place to another and this brings rains. This is called the Water Cycle. To be precise Feng-Shui (Wind & Water) are very important for our survival.

The five elements which are used are each Life Energy Forces or Chi Energy. Whenever we buy a house or office it is necessary that, the place has lots of Chi Energy. Chi Energy is also called Cosmic Breath. When the Chi Energy flow in our body is abundant our body remains healthy. Similarly when there is abundance of Chi Energy in any place it gives its owner happiness and prosperity.

It is very essential to follow the rules of the nature in Feng-Shui. It is an art which says that we should arrange our furniture, use colours, flooring etc in such a manner that it increases the Cosmic Energy. Learning this art is a science called Feng-Shui. There are two types of Chi Energy. Good Chi Energy is always flowing and is called Sheng Chi. This energy gives us happiness and prosperity. Stagnant energy which works against Sheng Chi is called Sha Chi.

The use of Fen-Shui is to find out the reasons of Sha-Chi and reduce it. It is also used to increase the already present Sheng Chi. Feng Shui is a symbolic cure, hence waterfall posters, fountains, crystals, colours, wind chimes etc are used to increase Sheng Chi.


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